The Wallaceburg Veterans and Families Support Group

The Wallaceburg Veterans and Families Support Group was started in May 2010 at First Baptist Church in Wallaceburg. Pastor Brian Horrobin is our Padre. Veterans and their Families meet in a Healing circle. The Veterans are able to speak about their horrors experienced overseas and at home. The Family members can speak of their experiences of living every day with the Veterans. Both sides can gain insight to the wound of PTSD. Together we start healing and the long trip home.

We also reach out to First Responders; Police, Fire and EMT’s as they see horrific things here in Canada and their experiences mirror those of Soldiers. We are open to ALL Veterans and Serving Soldiers no matter their country.

Come join us to learn more. We currently meet on the second Tuesday of the Month at 7:00PM at First Baptist Church. As we like to say “Let’s talk, shall we?”