Fresh Oil – March 2015

March 2015
Dear Fellow Servants,

One of the major measuring sticks of a victorious Christian life is how faithful one is over the long haul. Without a doubt there will be ups and downs as we work through this life, but overall there should be a definite pattern of consistency. Scripture contains the records of many faithful saints of God, and one of those is the priest, Jehoiada. The statement summarizing his life is recorded for us in 2 Chronicles 24:15-16:

“Now when Jehoiada reached a ripe old age he died; he
was 130 years old at his death. And they buried him in
the city of David among the kings, because he had
done well in Israel, and to God and His house.”

I want to break this down in 3 sections. First of all, he had “done well in Israel.” Do you know what that tells me? That tells me that he led a consistent life of faith in his community. The nation at that time was rife with idolatry, so a good living example of someone following the Lord went a long way. We can learn a lot form Jehoiada right here in the community in which we live in our generation. We may be the only Bible many are reading, so we have a responsibility to live out the gospel in daily life.
Secondly, Jehoiada had done well “to God.” In other words, he had cultivated a close, personal relationship with God and walked close to Him. He did what David described in Psalm 63:8: “My soul follows hard after Thee” (KJV). We have nothing to offer people if we are not in close communion with God in our personal lives. Jehoiada was careful to be diligent in this area and he reaped the benefits from it. Growing ourselves spiritually is the single most effective way to have powerful influence in all areas of living. There is no substitute for this! This involves daily time in God’s Word and prayer, being regular in worship, and being servants like Jesus.
Finally, Jehoiada had done well to “His house.” This is a reference to this priest’s faithful service in God’s temple. When there was work to do in God’s house, this man could be counted on. That’s the difference between a volunteer and a soldier (of Christ). Volunteers come when they can, while soldiers report for duty. I am not saying that we neglect family priorities to work in the church. However, I am saying that there is a cost to being a disciple and part of that cost is being available to serve in the church in various capacities. We are all members of one body, and for the body to function properly each member must do its part. Jehoiada clearly did his part.
Let’s take some time to pray and ask the Lord to help us maintain a consistent, fruit-bearing walk with Him. Let’s endeavour to leave a legacy like the one Jehoiada left his people…being faithful one day at a time!

Your fellow servant,

Pastor Brian