“Fine-tune Your Focus” — November 20, 2022

First Baptist Church, Wallaceburg is celebrating its 156th anniversary this Sunday and we will have Rev. John Neposlan from Windsor in our pulpit. For those not able to make this special service our online message will focus on, well, focus. Let’s see what we can learn from Asaph’s mistakes in Psalm 73 about losing and … [Read more…]

“Lest We Forget” — November 13, 2022

Our church is observing Remembrance Sunday this week, on the heels on November 11th. We will look at how the Lord used David mightily to train other men whose lives were in disarray but who became battle-tested and fought bravely for Israel under David’s leadership. What can we learn about David that will apply to … [Read more…]

“Use Your Influence” — October 16, 2022

When it comes to introducing others to the Saviour, the most natural way is through the influence you already have with people. This can include co-workers, classmates, neighbours, etc. Matthew, the author of the New Testament’s first book, was a master of this. Let’s see how he did it in this week’s message at 10:30 … [Read more…]

“Apostolic Detox” — October 2, 2022

Jesus may have called James and John to be apostles, having them leave the safety and security of their fishing business, but they didn’t get the corner office right away. These men needed some spiritual detox time, and so do we! Let’s find out more this Sunday at 10:30 am or online. We will also … [Read more…]