“Revive Us, O God!” – Psalm 85

We live in a world that is constantly changing, and also moving further and further away from the things of God and the Bible. God’s people, the Church, need a refreshing from heaven to make it through these perilous times. Psalm 85 is a prayer plea for exactly that. Pastor Brian will open the Word … [Read more…]

“Longing for God” — April 3, 2016

So, the powerful and triumphant celebration of Christ’s resurrection is now past and we are left wondering how to proceed from that pinnacle. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most important facet of our faith. We should desire to draw closer to God as a result of it. Psalm 84 does … [Read more…]

“Hurry Up and Wait!” — March 13, 2016

I have discovered that there is a word we sometimes love to hate: PATIENCE. We live in a culture that is all about convenience, quickness, and reduced waiting times. For sure, there are situations where this is vital, but prayer does not always fit that description. Praying for something and then having to “wait” on … [Read more…]