A Special Message from Chris and Maxine Brochu

A Special Message from Chris and Maxine Brochu Matthew 9:37-38; Mark 16:15-19 Chris’ book “The Father’s Cry” can be purchased online via amazon.ca. To join their mailing list, send an email to maxinebrochu@hotmail.com.

First Baptist Trivia 2

Q1: During our time in the Christian Education building we used a ‘portable’ baptistery. In 1980, when the baptistery was no longer needed, it was donated to another place. Do you know where? Q2: Did you know that the piano in our sanctuary at one time was used in a well known theatre? Which theatre … [Read more…]

First Baptist Trivia

Here is some lighthearted trivia courtesy of the 150th Anniversary committee. Q1: The doors of First Baptist Church were once chained so that we could not worship inside Do you know what year this occurred and what caused the doors to be chained? Q2: At one time there were two First Baptist Church Sunday Schools … [Read more…]