“I Flunked Water 101” — July 10, 2022

Israel learned a lesson about God’s provision of water in the 2nd year of their wilderness wandering — but forgot that lesson and had to learn it again 38 years later! Let’s learn from their mistakes and realize that God can be trusted, ALWAYS! Join us for the service at 10:30 am or online.

“Wisdom from the Water” — July 3, 2022

There is a wonderful lesson from the pages of the Old Testament about Israel’s lack of water, and it points to God’s provision in the New Testament of Jesus, the Living Water. We will celebrate the Lord’s Table this morning, as well, a fitting application to the teaching of God’s Word. Join us “in house” … [Read more…]

“Why Be Baptized?” — May 29, 2022

In our worship service this Sunday at First Baptist Church we will baptize 4 people. These people have all made commitments to Jesus Christ and want to show that they are His follower by being baptized. Why should a follower of Christ be baptized? Let’s seek to answer that question in this week’s message.

“Buried Treasure” — May 22, 2022

There’s something so exciting about the idea of going on a treasure hunt and looking for buried jewels. Did you know that you can do that every time you open the pages of the Bible? Let’s find out more about this in our online message this week with Pastor Brian. If you’re coming in person … [Read more…]