“A Supernatural Authority” — July 4, 2021

There’s a lesson contained in the calling of an Old Testament prophet that shows the incredible supernatural authority that the born-again child of God has in Jesus Christ. THis lesson will also give us fresh and amazing insight into our celebration of the Lord’s Table at the latter part of today’s service. So, get your … [Read more…]

“Portrait of Our Father” — June 20, 2021

The Scriptures paint a wonderful picture of our heavenly Father that is worth our close attention. Many in this world struggle with God as ‘Father’ because they have not had a good relationship with their earthly father. But no true comparison can be made, for God is not subject to failure that an earthly dad … [Read more…]

“Life’s Tour Guide” — June 13, 2021

If we want to make it through this life and achieve success, then we will need to have expert advice along the way. Thankfully for the true follower of Christ, we have the perfect life tour guide and His name is the Holy Spirit. Join us online this Sunday OR in our now-open, air-conditioned sanctuary … [Read more…]

“Put the Plug In” — May 23, 2021

When it comes to accessing power you must make sure you are plugged in. No amount of wishing will turn the power on if there is no connection to the power source. The same is true for our faith. Let’s study God’s Word together this week in our online service and see how we can … [Read more…]