“Beauty from Ashes” — December 3, 2023

Can a person who was a notorious prostitute possibly land themselves into the royal family? Buckingham Palace may have a thing or two to say about that but what about God’s opinion? Let’s find out this week as Pastor Brian introduces us to another unlikely lady in Jesus’ family line. Join us at 10:30 am, … [Read more…]

“Preparing our Hearts for the Holidays” — November 19, 2023

First Baptist Church celebrates its 157th anniversary this Sunday with Rev. Jamie Tiffin from Chatham coming as guest speaker. In the online service Pastor Brian will take us through a number of key Scriptures that will help calibrate our hearts in preparation for the upcoming busy holiday season. Join us for one or both services!

“Be Content!” — November 12, 2023

Our online service will feature the last of the 10 commandments, “Do not covet.” This is a directive about being content with what we have, even if our neighbour has something better. In the 10:30 am live service we will also cover “Do not bear false witness”, as well as observing a special time of … [Read more…]

“Tackling Lust and Anger” — October 15, 2023

Lust and anger are BIG issues that plague many Christians, and if not dealt with properly can lead to very serious consequences. The ten commandments address murder and adultery, but Jesus gets to the root of the matter. Let’s find out more this Sunday at 10:30 am or online.

“Thankful for…Parents!” — October 8, 2023

The fifth of the ten commandments says, Honour your father and your mother…” This does not just apply to school-age children living at home. There is a principle here and much to glean from this instruction. On this Thanksgiving weekend, let’s take time to investigate further the concept of honour, especially towards parents, and see … [Read more…]