Counselling Ministry

We at First Baptist Church believe it is our responsibility and privilege to provide Christ-centered, biblical counsel to Christians, and those within our community, struggling with problems such as marital issues, parenting issues, depression, anger, and a variety of other personal problems that individuals and couples may experience. We believe God’s Word is without error and sufficient to provide counsel for any and all problems in and through the power of the Holy Spirit, and utilize it to its fullest to minister counsel into these various issues and problems.

There is a suggested donation of $40 per session for the counselling sessions you will partake in. If you are not able to afford this suggested donation you should consult your pastor to inquire if your church would consider covering the suggested donation, or helping subsidize it with you. We seek to serve anyone in need so please do not let finances become a barrier as we will work with you. The suggested donation, or other monies received if you cannot afford the suggested donation, are non-receiptable for Income Tax Purposes and do not qualify for reimbursement through company benefits.

Counsellor on staff, Kathy Brown is certified through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors since 2008 (formerly NANC) (, and has been involved in counselling and counselling type ministries since 2003. Kathy’s husband, Wayne Brown, is currently pursuing ACBC certification, and is in the third and final phase of supervision by an ACBC Fellow. Wayne has been joining Kathy in her office on various cases since 2015 and looks forward to continuing his service to the Lord through marriage counselling and men’s issues as he completes his certification. Wayne & Kathy have also facilitated DivorceCare and GriefShare together as they have experienced the trauma of the death of a spouse and the divorce of a spouse. God has been so gracious in bringing beauty from ashes, and in working all things together for their good and His glory.

Kathy & Wayne are blessed with a blended family comprised of three daughters, three son-in-laws, four granddaughters, and two grandsons. Their lives are full, busy, and blessed!

Kathy is also an accomplished speaker who serves for the glory of Christ Jesus, and the edification of her fellow sojourners and pilgrims. She has had the privilege of speaking at various women’s events, as guest speaker at pastor events, at different teaching events, and at general meetings. Next to biblical counselling, the privilege of speaking truth and encouragement from God’s Word is her next best thing to do!

Kathy is available to speak at evening events, day events, and weekend events.  For details on booking Kathy for your event, for what she has available to speak on, and for cost and booking details call her at 519-627-6414 or e-mail at

If you wish to contact Kathy Brown for more information on booking a counselling appointment, or general information, she can be reached at the above info. If you wish to contact Wayne Brown he can also be reached at 519-627-6414 or