“Go For Gold!” — July 30, 2017

Athletes competing in the Olympics have one goal in mind: winning the gold medal. When it comes to our faith, we should choose the gold standard, and that standard is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus emphasized this in 3 short parables that He taught to the multitudes. Pastor Brian will unpack His teaching in … [Read more…]

“Double the Impact” — June 4, 2017

No, this is not a slogan advertising a special offering challenge. This is a reference to a dynamic marriage duo, Priscilla and Aquila, who assisted the apostle Paul in his work of planting churches during the New Testament time. They were tireless in their efforts and proved to be a great help in the furtherance … [Read more…]

“Helping MIssionaries” — May 28, 2017

In the early church landscape the practice of travelling missionaries was common. A certain church leader, Gaius, had a reputation for being a big help to these itinerant ministers of the gospel. What can we learn from his example that will help us today as we reach out to those ministering in foreign lands? Join … [Read more…]