“Off the Charts Giving” — March 15, 2020

Giving is an important and functional part of the Christian faith. It is a natural response to the grace we have received from the Lord, indicating a changed heart and a desire to help others. The New Testament church had some pretty incredible examples of “off the charts” giving. Join us this Sunday at 10:45 … [Read more…]

“Why Read the Bible?” — February 16, 2020

With so many books on the market these days, plus reams of information on the internet, why should we read the Bible? What makes it stand out above the rest? Why not plan to join us this Sunday at 10:45 am and let’s see what makes the Bible a special book above all others.

“Simple Obedience” — January 12, 2020

A lot of what constitutes the blessing of God falling on our life is simply a matter of obedience. Our failure to obey God leads to disappointment and lost opportunities. Nobody knew this better than the prophet Jonah. There is so much that we can learn from his mistakes. Join us this Sunday, the first … [Read more…]