“God Will Provide” — October 8, 2017

On this Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, it is a good thing to reflect upon the wonderful provision of our God. Jesus taught in the Lord’s Prayer to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread” and sometimes we take that for granted. We live in a land of plenty, so should we just believe … [Read more…]

“Thy Kingdom Come” — September 24, 2017

Just what does it mean when we pray, “Thy kingdom come” in the Lord’s Prayer? It is important for us to understand the concept of God’s kingdom, which, essentially, is the ‘way God does things.’ Join us this Sunday at 10:45 am as Pastor Brian further unveils the meaning of this phrase from the Lord’s … [Read more…]

“Beware of Unbelief!” — August 27, 2017

Jesus was actually limited in doing ministry at one time because the people of the village did not believe in Him. Does that happen today? You bet it does! Join us at 10:45 am this Sunday as deacon Darren Tatsu brings the message from God’s Word addressing this subject.