“Drawn Away” — July 22, 2018

King Solomon started out so well but then allowed his affections for the Lord to become alienated by his affections for foreign women, who drew his heart away from the living God. Has your heart been drawn away from the Lord by some interest, or passion? Join us this Sunday at 10:45 am and Pastor … [Read more…]

“God Looks at the Heart” — July 15, 2018

Our world is obsessed with the outward appearance, influencing everything from job interviews to beauty pageants to who gets picked first for teams on the school playground. God goes much deeper than that. When Israel wanted a king to lead them they quickly chose Saul, a good-looking, rugged individual who was the handsome choice. But … [Read more…]

“Thankful for the Cross” — July 1, 2018

As we celebrate our nation’s 151st birthday this Sunday, it is always a good thing to thank God for the freedom we enjoy in Canada. We acknowledge the sacrifice and service of our veterans and our nation’s leaders, past and present. Most of all, however, we thank our Lord for giving us this country. All … [Read more…]