“We’re in this Thing Together” — Sunday, March 8, 2015

The church, like any other people-filled organization, deals with conflict between those of different personalities. The church in Philippi had 2 ladies who did a ton of work for their church, but had trouble getting along. Houston, we have a problem! The apostle Paul addressed this issue because of how important it was to the life and health of the church. We are no different here in the 21st century. Pastor Brian will share some insights from God’s Word to help us get along as we work together for God’s kingdom. Join us for our 10:45 am worship service!

Fresh Oil – March 2015

March 2015
Dear Fellow Servants,

One of the major measuring sticks of a victorious Christian life is how faithful one is over the long haul. Without a doubt there will be ups and downs as we work through this life, but overall there should be a definite pattern of consistency. Scripture contains the records of many faithful saints of God, and one of those is the priest, Jehoiada. The statement summarizing his life is recorded for us in 2 Chronicles 24:15-16:

The Path of Right Living — Feb.22, 2015

When it come to achieving a life of righteousness, if we are not careful, we may think it is all up to us. What I mean is that we may think our efforts and hard work will pay off in convincing God that we are living the way He desires. However, the Bible tells a different story, emphasizing the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross as the only true pathway to a life of righteousness, or right living. The world’s way is to tell us to be all you can be and reach within for that extra something. The apostle Paul saw both sides of this dilemma and realized that only one way worked. Pastor Brian will share a message showing us what this great apostle learned, and how we can benefit from his example. Join us this Sunday at 10:45 am for a time of worship and a challenging message from God’s Word.